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Bring your office to Tors Park this June!

15th May 2024

June is a beautiful month in Lynmouth, with the weather warming up but before the busy summer months and with 10% off for stays over 5 days it couldn’t be a better time!

With Working from Home an option for so many of us now why not make the most of this and move your office to Tors Park this June?  With super-fast Wi-Fi in all rooms, you can email, chat and video call to your hearts content knowing that the beautiful North Devon coastline is just minutes from your apartment.

Read more from the Tors Park team on the benefits of coming to stay this June:

Number one from the whole team was the views! Tors Park boasts stunning coastal views and lush greenery, providing a serene backdrop for your workday. Enjoy the sight of rolling hills and the picturesque harbour, which can help reduce stress and enhance creativity.

Fresh Air: Working from Tors Park allows you to step out into clean, fresh air during breaks. You can take walks along the coastal paths or simply relax on your terrace, promoting better physical and mental well-being.

Flexible Schedule: With no commute, you have more flexibility in your schedule. If possible, you can start your day earlier or later to align with your natural productivity rhythms, potentially increasing efficiency and work satisfaction.

Reduced Stress: Being away from the hustle and bustle of the city can lower stress levels. The tranquil environment of Lynmouth in June offers a peaceful atmosphere conducive to focused work and improved concentration.

Outdoor Workspaces: Take advantage of the pleasant weather in June by setting up an outdoor workspace on the Terrace.

Connection with Nature: Lynmouth is surrounded by natural beauty, providing ample opportunities for outdoor activities. Take short breaks to explore nearby trails, beaches, or waterfalls, rejuvenating your mind and body for better productivity.

..and for those of you who love your cars make sure your stay includes the 9th June for the Lyn Valley Motor Show. 

Overall, working from home in Lynmouth in June offers a blend of natural beauty, flexibility, and tranquillity that can greatly enhance your work experience and overall well-being. Book an apartment today (using code SPRING5 for 10% off 5 days or more) and make the most of a flexible working environment this June.

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