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This policy covers websites operated by Tors Park Holidays, including:


Your use of these websites, and the services contained therein, constitutes your agreement with the content of this privacy policy.

Your personal information

We’re committed to a responsible use of any personal data that we collect during your interaction with our websites and any bookings you make. We do not collect or store personal data on our websites. We use the following external providers as part of our service who do collect personal information on our behalf. We also pass on limited personal information to owners, of their guests, so that they may contact them before, during or after the guests’ stay, as part of our service. Owners are bound by a confidentiality agreement within the owners’ terms and conditions.

  • Smoobu- for handling all bookings and the personal information gathered on guests to complete such transactions (no personal financial information is held)
  • Xero – for processing payments
  • MailChimp – for handling your subscription when you opt-in to our mailing list

Your personal information is never, and will never, be shared with anyone else, for any purpose, by any of the above.


Like most websites we use cookies to deliver a smooth user experience as well as to help us better understand our visitors. Your browser will allow you to disable cookies should you wish to, though this may diminish your user experience on our sites. The main areas in which cookies (small files that record interactions and which reside on your own device) are used are:

  • To gain visitor statistics through third-party application Google Analytics
  • To manage maps through third-party application Google Maps
  • To record search preferences and favourites
  • Other minor functional uses such as displaying certain elements only once during an initial visit

Data retention

Our booking provider keeps personal information (excluding bank/credit card details) to allow for a record of guests to help us understand trends and improve our service. Our automatic data-retention policy is:

  • Personal booking information is maintained indefinitely for returning guests, until such time as 10 years has passed without activity. After this period of inactivity (e.g. the guest has never rebooked), the personal data will be deleted and they will be removed from our mailing list.


We maintain, in line with GDPR rules, an ‘opt-in’ policy for marketing. You will only receive emails should you have clearly chosen to do so via either verbal or written confirmation with us, or a clear indication through our site signup form or during booking. When marketing via email newsletters etc, we utilise a list that is managed by industry leaders MailChimp, and you can unsubscribe at any time by clicking the ‘unsubscribe’ link in any email marketing communication. If you wish for us to do this for you and confirm your removal, feel that you are receiving unwanted emails, or simply wish to update us on any changes to your subscription details (email address etc.) please contact us.

Further information and help

For any further information on the above, or any queries on issues or subjects not covered here, please contact us and we will be pleased to help.

June 2021

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